Top 10 Editors’ Choice photos of the week

By Kristen Dobbin

Here’s a look at the 10 photos we loved most this week in Editors’ Choice, curated by our Guest Editor, Amel Herzi, and 500px photo editors. Read on to find out why these shots caught our eye.

What our photo editors loved: We love the moment captured here and the way the two divers are frozen in midair. We don’t know where this was taken, but we wouldn’t mind being there now!

Follow The Light by Bruno Pisani on

What our photo editors loved: The lighting in this landscape shot gives it a mysterious and ethereal quality, while the balanced composition and low perspective draws us in. Love the texture of the rushing water.

Samu - Frontside Alley Oop Ollie. by Stefan Lind on

What our photo editors loved: The sense of motion created by the slow shutter speed, mix of ambient light, and flash makes this an engaging and interesting action shot.

a by Katerina Avchinnikova on

What our photo editors loved: This photo stood out to us for its styling, lovely diffused light, muted tones, and interesting context.

Snowy Rooftops by Martin Rak on

What our photo editors loved: This photo showcases great layering and a minimal colour palette. The ambient light and glow of the street lamps gives it a cozy feeling.

flea bath by Viktoria Haack on

What our photo editors loved: The big blue eyes, bathtime mohawk, and dusting of soap suds makes this kitten extra adorable — but it’s the composition, sharpness and nice shallow depth of field in this image that makes it so successful.

Yellow hats by keso  on

What our photo editors loved: At first glance, this shot looks abstract and minimal—but with this sweet line of children at an aquarium, you can see that this photographer knows how to use lines and colors to make magic out of a daily scene.

SamAlive by Sam Alive on

What our photo editors loved: It’s always wonderful to see a new perspective on a familiar and often-shot landmark. We love the lines intersecting the scene.

The purest love by Sergey Krotov on

What our photo editors loved: This is a lovely capture, with gorgeous lighting and a tender connection. The perspective from below helps to isolate the subjects and keep the focus on the interaction between human and animal.

Delhi by matt coleman on

What our photo editors loved: This candid street shot has a simple color scheme and displays a lovely quality of light. We like the relaxed and natural pose of the subject.

Source:: iso.500px